Writers Wanted!

I love fun writing jobs! Legitimate ones are hard to come by and this gets 2 thumbs up!


We're looking for talented writers who are ready to research and write no fewer than 5 lists a week for our "Weird History" vertical. These lists will be handed to you in the form of assignments from our editors, which you'll need to research, write, complete, and turn back in to us.

Here are some examples of the type of Weird History writing we've published:

Crazy Facts About Britain Before Christianity
Historical Leaders Who Were Conned By Their Advisors
The Worst Admirals of All Time
What the Police Were Like in Ancient Societies
Chaotic Democratic and Republican Conventions from the Past
The Wildest Stories from Inside The White House
Crazy Facts About the Criminal Landscape of Postwar Japan
The Most Doomed Expeditions in History
Famous Short Suicide Notes
Terrifying Demons From Religious History
Terrifying Chicago Ghost Stories
Historically Important Food Technology
"Family Values" Politicians Caught in Cheating Scandals
Weird Sex Trends Throughout History
White Lies That Changed the Course of History

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