Work to Pay the Sitter

How many of you feel that way?

I have definitely found myself in this situation and I've often wondered if its even worth working.

Working, for me, gives me a sense of independence. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy to the cutest munchkin on the planet (biased, maybe?) but I need an outlet for myself.

But how can childcare cost more than college? To me that says, "from now on out you will now learn out to be an effective pinterester and procrastinate on laundry folding".  Its just not fair.

The military has provided a cost-effective solution to us with the opening of Child Development Centers across the country. But you wanna know the kicker? They're full! And for working moms and dads in Hawaii for instance, they really don't have great alternatives other than babysitters and nannies. This brings us full circle so what are some alternatives?

FLEXIBLE work from home positions. This allows us to run around with our monkeys, er kids, while still maintaining that working freedom we love.

Check out this article from Scary Mommy 

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